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Forest bathing.

The weekend's adventure included a hike through Kukutali Preserve which is co-owned and co-managed by the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.

The nature preserve is located on Kiket Island Rd, La Conner, Washington. The hike took us through an old-growth forest that was the home of the Native Tribes. The entire hike was a mostly solitary excursion. In all, we covered about 4 1/2 miles on foot. The redwoods, firs, cedars, hemlocks, and pines whispered an invigorating fragrance. As we meandered over piles and piles of driftwood, we made our way to a shelly and rocky beach where we could see Hope Island, Whidbey Island, Deception Pass, and far off in the distance The San Juans and Victoria Island, Canada.

I listened to the water lap onto the shore and was grateful that I could experience this moment. The birds, deer, bunny, and other wildlife that call this beautiful and sacred place home were kind enough to allow me to enjoy this forest bathing.


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